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Thursday, April 12, 2007
(5:28 PM) | Stephen:
Oh The Schadenfreude-rific Joy Of It All

Sometimes, we make progress.
CBS has canceled Don Imus' radio show, effective immediately, after uproar over his racist and sexist comments about Rutgers women's basketball team.
Well, it was actually his long, steady history of racist and sexist insults that did it; the Rutgers insult was just the last straw.

I hope that this is just the beginning of a long list of people who lose their jobs and who won't see all of their books turn into bestsellers: Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, Michelle Malkin, Glenn Beck and unfortunately others.

This isn't about censorship. It's not about adolescent revenge fantasies; you can find those at littlegreenfootballs.com or The Corner. And it most certainly is not about free speech. Imus wasn't presenting an idea or point of view - unless you count being a racist jerk as a valid "point of view."

I think the media landscape is going to be interesting to watch over the next few years.

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